Commitment to Sustainability

We only have one earth. Quickstep Catering believes it is important to preserve our lands, oceans, and air for generations to come, and encourages our clients to do the same. Here are some of our greening initiatives:

Food Waste Minimization: Through culinary and kitchen management techniques, our chef and kitchen team prepare each of our dishes with consideration of each ingredient used, ensuring maximum utilization of every vegetable and meat. Regular inventorying of perishables minimizes spoilage, and we produce our own stocks and sauces, which make wonderful use of trimmings.


Support of Homeless Shelters: If our events have significant leftover food, we provide this to a local homeless shelter, so that others may eat also.


Composting: Unusable food scraps are collected at our production kitchen by Veteran Compost. They process this waste at their facility, turning it into a nutrient rich soil.


Kitchen Herb Garden: We grow and maintain many of our own herbs in our onsite garden-on-wheels.

Servingware: China, glass, and silverware are always available for your events. This creates the nicest possible presentation, and the washing and re-use of these items is significantly less resource intensive than the manufacture and use of disposables.


Disposables: When disposable items are called for, we offer Leafware® plates. These are made from fallen leaves that are carefully harvested, hygienically cleaned and pressed to various shapes to form plates, bowls and trays. Usage of fallen leaves eases the economic pressure to cut down trees. Leafware® products are sustainably produced and provide a source of living for many small communities of South Asia.


Upcycling: Our kitchen grease is converted into biodiesel in partnership with Storm Oil, Inc.


Recycling: We recycle our paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, and glass.

"thoroughly impressed"

They nailed our taste, our vision, and brought together so many extra details for us that were above and beyond our expectations.

- Grace